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Google rating 4.2

Vasalemma 76101 Harju Maakond

Introducing Vasalemma Country Retreat

Welcome to Vasalemma Country Retreat, a visionary project dedicated to transforming the historic Vasalemma barn, dating back to 1849, into a charming boutique hotel and event venue. Nestled within the enchanting grounds of the Vasalemma manor house, with the picturesque castle garden as our immediate neighbor, our future experience center promises an idyllic setting for a serene and “slow” vacation.
Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of our countryside haven, where the Vasalemma river gently flows through the manor park. Just 2 kilometers away, you’ll find an old limestone mine that invites you to take a refreshing dip in its crystalline waters.

Picture yourself taking leisurely strolls through the mansion park, enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you, or gazing at the starry August nights, undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of city life.

The project is a collaborative endeavor involving local organizations and businesses, united by the goal of preserving and promoting Estonian cultural heritage. Our mission is to renovate the historic house, ensuring its year-round accessibility as an experience center that embodies sustainability in action.
At Vasalemma Country Retreat, we invite you to experience the harmonious blend of history, nature, and sustainable living, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Garden, outdoor dining area
  • Free Fast WiFi
  • Tea-table and fridge in common area
  • Kitchen and living room with fireplace – community space
  • Breakfast – Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free
  • Free parking
  • Non-smoking property (designated area in the garden)
  • Travel Sustainable property

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Google rating 4.2

Rediscover Tranquility and Sustainability (VISION, MISSION, POSSIBILITIES, STORY)
At Vasalemma Country Retreat, we are commited to fostering sustainable practices and providing enriching experiences to our guests. Our establishment hosts workshops on ecological building techniques, empowering individuals to create a greener future.
For those with an interest in plant-based cuisine, we offer cooking classes that celebrate the art of preparing delicious vegan food. These classes not only showcase the culinary possibilities of plant-based ingredients but also promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to dining.
Should you have a special occasion to celebrate, you have the option to rent the entire venue and make it an unforgettable event.
The Vasalemma barn, with its unique construction material, has earned the nickname « Marble Barn. » The name comes from locally sourced « Vasalemma marble, » a significant building stone in Estonia with a history spanning nearly 700 years. The one-meter-thick walls, constructed with this limestone, show the beauty of this remarkable local resource.
Our aspiration is to establish a museum dedicated to “Vasalemma marble”, a stone that resembles marble and is composed of visible grains. These grains are the remnants of organisms such as corals and crinoids that once inhabited warm tropical seas, which extended across our region approximately 450 million years ago.
At Vasalemma Country Retreat, we invite you to embark on a journey of relaxation, inspiration, and environmental consciousness.

  • Ecological building workshops: engage in hands-on experiences
  • Cooking classes (plant-based)
  • Event venue (weddings, birthdays, business gatherings)
  • Accommodation and vacation
  • Museum of “Vasalemma Marble”

What the customers are saying

Vladimir Zuravljov
Vladimir Zuravljov
12:19 06 Sep 23
Andreas Hartl e.K.
Andreas Hartl e.K.
05:43 19 Apr 23
Fantastic place... made with LOVE. Warm and cozy 🙂
Boris Kiv
Boris Kiv
18:37 21 Nov 22
Cozy cute comfortable
11:20 10 Sep 22
An old Estonian house for everyone. Preserved in its original condition from the day it was built.
Helve Thomson
Helve Thomson
16:07 09 Sep 22
In a nice quiet place, spartan interior.
Aleksi Kallioja
Aleksi Kallioja
15:11 15 Jul 22
Marta Guesthouse is the best. Upon arrival the key was waiting on the door and the check in was as simple as that. The room itself was really cosy and had a nice summer cottage feeling to it. Not for people who want something safe and ordinary but for the people who want to experience new and exciting things. Breakfast was more than we could have hoped for and all in all our two night stay was so nice. We couldn’t have picked a better place for our anniversary trip and we’ll difinitely visit you again. Thank you for making our special trip even more special and unforgettable! 💕 Aleksi & Jesse
Lore Ipsum
Lore Ipsum
07:24 20 Nov 19
Very uncomfortable and extremely squeaky beds. Paperthin walls, poor isolation, bad lights.Do not let you be fooled by the fake charme of the absent host, simulated by paper notes everywhere. In fact the stay is very expensive regarding that there is no breakfast, no kitchen, no restaurant near this place, while preparing food in the rooms is prohibited.
Johan van Erkel
Johan van Erkel
06:11 06 Aug 17
Absolutely fantastic! I stayed in the attic room which was like I took a time machine back in time. I really enjoyed it! It gave me some rest and peace in my hectic life. The bed was also fantastic! Exactly how I like a bed to be. I slept like a baby! Also the staff is extremely friendly! I would really recommend this place above all other hotels in the city. The experience is just priceless.
Stuart Bartlett
Stuart Bartlett
10:55 13 Aug 16
This place has got an old world, rustic feel to it that I really enjoyed. The people working there are friendly and helpful and freely gave tourist inforation on request. The room was quite a good size with modern en suite and the bed was so comfortable. Only 3 stops on the number 4 tram and your in the centre of the Old Town
01:47 20 Mar 15
This is a Lovely place. The Owners are real cool and friendly, and it is all within quick bus or tram ride to the Old Town. Lot of eating places nearby to walk to as well. The Prices are incredible, go there while it lasts! Just remember it is a classy old school place and you should bring your own tv/tablet if you really need it ( trust me you are in Estonia, enjoy what's outside)they do have Free Wifi etc.But yeah I would give it more Stars if I could , all things considered.
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